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      Laminate Shears

    MA72500 in action

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    Specially Designed for Cutting Plastic Laminates!

    Klenk Laminate Shears™ cut high-pressure laminates such as Wilsonart® and Formica® without chipping or binding. These tools do not cut steel. They are designed for the kitchen and bath, or cabinet and countertop trade. They will not mar the surface of the laminate.

    MA72500 Laminate Shears

    MA72500 Laminate ShearsModel # MA72500 'K12'
    Straight Cut Laminate Shear

    Our most popular style, taking out a 1/8" wide track as it cuts. For efficient cuts on any length. With hand positioned over the laminate, always cut so that single blade is cutting into decorative surface.


    MA72510 Laminate Shears

    Model # MA72510 'K14'
    Universal Plastic Laminate Nibbling Shear

    MA72510 Laminate ShearsDesigned for cutting intricate patterns, circles, scrolls, any angle -- straight, right or left -- without chipping or binding. The punch reciprocates up and down and punches out small pieces of the laminate. This tool can be turned 360 degrees in the work piece to cut out holes for sink tops, electrical receptacles, etc. This laminate shear is designed to cut with the laminate positioned on the bottom, slotted anvil.


    MA72520 Laminate Shears

    MA72520 Laminate ShearsModel # MA72520 'KDC5L'
    Original Model Laminate Shear

    The original model designed for the heaviest duty work. Makes clean, accurate cuts with hand positioned under the laminate. Always cut so that single blade is cutting into decorative surface.



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